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A/B Split Testing Plugins for WordPress

What is A/B Split testing? A/B Split testing simply means pitting two variations of your site against one another. In other words, it’s when you compare your original site (variant A) to a version to which you made changes based on assumptions about what you think would work better (variant B). Then, you can test […]

The Accessibility for WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme should generate pages that everyone can use — including those who cannot see or use a mouse. The default WordPress theme generates content in a fairly accessible manner but, if you are a theme developer, you need to maintain these accessibility standards in your own theme. Although web accessibility can be a […]

How to Use Slider Revolution in WordPress Themes

In most of our premium wordpress themes, there are the popular plugin Slider-Revolution pre-packaged with the theme. Many customer didn’t how to start using it, so we provide this guidance and hope it is useful. PLUGIN GLOBAL SETTINGS Slider Revolution comes with some “Global Settings” that will get applied to all sliders. These settings are meant to help resolve potential […]

WordCamp Miami 2015

One of the best and most visited WordCamps in the world – WordCamp Miami – will gather hundreds of WordPress enthusiasts for 6th time this year . If you are brand new to WordPress, or perhaps you haven’t done much more than simply publishing posts or pages… then WordCamp Miami holds a lot of great […]

Ideal Image Size in WordPress Themes Slider

About our wordpress themes’ slider, “What ideal size should my images be?” It’s always a tricky question to answer, because it really depends on how you plan to use the slider. But here’s some information that should help you decide what image sizes are best: 1. Very large image = large file size = long loading […]

WordPress 4.2 —Powell , What You Say ?

As the first major release of 2015, WordPress 4.2 fixes many issues and adds some great new features to WordPress. named “Powell” in honor of jazz pianist Bud Powell, WordPress 4.2 is not only an enhancement and bug-fix release that brings a wealth of new features and improvements to WordPress core but also helps you communicate […]

Beginners Guide Moderate Comments in WordPress

In this beginner’s guide, we will show you how to moderate comments in WordPress themes, deal with comment spam, and everything related to comments. What are Comments? Comments allow your website visitors to communicate with you and other readers. They can add their input on a specific article that you had written, ask questions, and […]

Style Your WordPress Themes Comment Form

In this article, we will show you how to style WordPress themes comment form and take it to the next level by adding social logins, subscribe to comments, and more. Changing Comment Form Style in WordPress Each page on your website contains default WordPress generated css style classes. Inside most WordPress themes there is a […]

The First-ever LoopConf 2015-A Conference Catered to WordPress Developers

Over the past month or so, there’s been lots of hype surrounding LoopConf, a niche-Wordpress conference specifically for developers. WordPress has quickly become the Web platform of choice for everything from personal blogs to huge corporate websites, and even TekRevue. Now, the same WordPress experts who helped build and maintain TekRevue are holding the ultimate WordPress conference: LoopConf. Whereas […]