WordPress Comment Function Bug Affects 86% Users

A Finnish IT organization has revealed a bug in WordPress 3 destinations that could be utilized to dispatch a wide assortment of malevolent script-built assaults in light of site guests’ programs. Taking into account current WordPress use measurements, the weakness could influence up to 86 percent of existing WordPress-fueled locales.   The defenselessness, found by […]

Solution To 500 Internal Server Error When Installing WordPress

When installing WordPress themes onto your site sometimes you may receive a warning reads: ” 500 Internal Server Error” Annoying as it is, the solution to it may be simple, you just need to find the  line in the codes under ./wp-includes/class-http.php , it’s in about the 291th lines and change it to: $request_order = apply_filters( ‘http_api_transports’, […]

Three Tips To Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

According to the latest news, in 2014 we may see the highest amount of Internet virus increase in record history, it would seem that our Internet security is not as strong as we hoped, especially now that self-media has taken up a big chunk of Internet media, many of which are without a professional security […]

Three Things Not To Do With Your WordPress Website

WordPress CMS is currently the world’s top blogging platform, besides setting up blogs, WordPress is also having an increasing amount of popularity with site building. With WordPress you can easily build a feature-rich, modern looking site. It also offers many features that can be well SEO-optimized for a website that is user-friendly and easy for […]