Meris Updated-Background Options Added

Meris Pro’s latest Update is available!  Version 1.08 has included background video feature to the theme.   In the previous versions, Meris WordPress Theme can only display sliders as background. In order to meet different needs, this update adds background video feature to the theme. Now, users can use their own MP4, OGV, and WebM […]

WordPress 4.0 “Benny” Is Available for Download

  The widely-talked WordPress 4.0 verions, named “Benny” in the honor of jazz musician & band leader Benny Goodman, is now available for download. This update brings you a smoother writing and management experience. And, it should be the most significant update in the years. WordPress 4.0 “Benny”  New Features:   Gracefully manage the media. […]

Meris’ Sticky Header

Meris update is available now! The new version 1.07 is released yesterday. The theme is now running more stable and faster. Aside such improvement, an important new feature added to this them is the sticky header. .   Meris WordPress Theme has free and pro versions; this update is applied to both the two versions. […]