How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

As one of the most widely used website statistics services, Google Analytics is offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. The regular service is free to use from April 2005, and premium version is available for a fee.

The Charm of Images in WordPress Themes

Nowadays, the development of WordPress is gradually reaching maturity; as a result, the number of WordPress themes is increasing rapidly. Facing those thousands of WordPress themes, what element catches your interest at first sight? Beautiful images must be among most people’s replies.

Have You Ever Tried Some Music in WordPress Posts?

Audio is a powerful means of communication, and music is very evocative and pleasant. Given what blogs are for, there’s absolutely no need for background music and other sound effects on most blogs. If you’re expert with sound or really love it, sure, make it part of your blog. But don’t think you need...

Benefit from Static Page in WordPress

  Among various blog publishing tools, WordPress is notable for having a strong static page capability. It’s so robust that you can use WordPress to build a blog with no static pages at all, a website with no blogging capability at all, or anything in between. For those who are not familiar with the...