Best Free WordPress Themes for Business

Nowadays, a stunning commercial website is so critical that will affect not only how customers value products or services but have a bearing on being loyal customers. But creating a professional and formal website is not in the efforts of one or two days let alone a stunning website. So how to create an awesome website in a quick and effective way? However, people are now more willingly to use WordPress themes due to rich free resources of WordPress themes. In fact, an awesome business WordPress theme helps not only save your times and reduce your costs but also could gain more valuable and rewarding things like a good reputation and thousands of loyal customers.

Ready to share these best free WordPress e-commerce themes which come from different famous WordPress Themes websites. They all are the main themes of them. All these well-selected business themes are all meticulously created by their designers, and some of them are free business WordPress themes. Though the numbers of the themes are limited now, their features and functions are endless. Each of them is specially tailored to different styles and requirements and selected from hundreds of best WordPress themes due to its unique features and design. Most importantly, we update regularly and our support always will be alert to your need!

Best Free Business WordPress Theme - Onetone Pro

Onetone Pro is a modern & multipurpose business WordPress theme of MaggeWP created just for business. It’s a one-page WordPress e-commerce theme which tailors to the needs of modern & elegant commercial websites for landing pages, portfolios, or any other creative websites. Since it’s a multipurpose design, Onetone contains five best free child WordPress themes which could be applied to all walks of life. That’s the main reason why it’s the best seller of MaggeWP.

1) Modern & elegant design

Onetone is a modern & multipurpose WordPress business theme just for business. Unlike those multipurpose e-commerce WordPress themes, which can be applied to not even business but also web themes designers, Onetone just has one goal only that is to help create stunning commercial websites in a quick and creative way. Thus, Onetone is in modern and elegant design which helps not only users focus on their main tasks but also clients quickly find out what they want.

2) Packed with premium WP plugins & features

As a multipurpose business WordPress theme for business websites, Onetone is not a tough enemy but an agreeable friend. You can get along well with it with the help of dozens of premium plugins.

Firstly, the drag-and-drop page editor based on Virtual Composer help you keep away those tiresome and complex codes so as to quickly and highly customize your awesome page layouts. Well, you can also rearrange homepage sections with ease. All you need to do is to drag and drop the elements around the editing pages. Nail it.

Secondly, with the help of the Revolution Slider & LayerSlider plugins, you can upload your YouTube, Vimeo or HTML5 videos to create your Video Slides interface let alone full-width slider or full-screen slider. Moreover, since Onetone is a retina ready theme with unlimited portfolios, the quality of your photos definitely will always display a perfect ultimate look to clients.

Finally, Onetone is compatible with all those hot social media, which surely not just help you attract traffic, and more. In a word, the functions of other plugins and features, such as Bootstrap Framework, bb Press, SEO Optimized, are different but their intentions are the same. Help to create the websites of your dreams in a quick and creative way.

3) Multipurpose & flexible design

Onetone includes five child best free WordPress themes (Classic, APP, Fashion, Cafe, Restaurant ) now. In fact, its application is not just for the five theme but all the business websites. With 15 pre-made general sections, 12 pre-set patterns (banners, services, teams, recent posts, and more) and 3 customizable patterns, Onetone aims to devote itself to meeting all kinds of needs. Moreover, Onetone contains 60+ well-designed shortcodes ((Flip Box, Dummy Text, Chart, etc.), which empower your awesome homepage layouts or blog posts with ease. Thus, with such a multipurpose and flexible WordPress e-commerce theme for your commercial websites, the world is your oyster!

4) Practical features & detailed-oriented

With its modern & multipurpose design, Onetone attaches extremely importance to details and practicality. It’s compatible with Woocommerce and a fully responsive business WordPress theme. Onetone always display a perfect ultimate look on any device, especially is mobile friendly. Since online selling has become a hot trend, Onetone helps attract not just traffic with its premium and awesome features. Further, you would find Onetone puts emphasis on its detail elements. If you take a careful look at it, you will notice that. For example, the hot link in the bottom of the team leaders and portfolios. Well, since it’s meticulously created by its loyal and sincere designers, you will fascinate not just what I’ve introduced. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Onetone.

In brief, if you want a best free business WordPress theme just for your commercial websites or eshops, Onetone would finely meet all your needs in a quick and creative way!

 Key Features:

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Modern & Elegant & One-page Design
  • Multipurpose & Flexible & Detail-oriented Design
  • Dozens of Premium Plugins: Virtual Composer/Revolution Slider/LayerSlider plugins/Bootstrap Framework/bb Press
  • SEO-Optimized
  • Retina/Woocommerce/ Translation/Social Media Ready
  • Five Free Child Themes
  • Dozens of Pre-made Sections/Layouts
  • Supporting Video & Parallax Backgrounds
  • Guaranteed Support

Best Free Business WordPress Theme - BiShop

BiShop is another best business WordPress  theme with modern and clean design. To be more precise, it’s a one page WordPress eCommerce theme with a responsive, concise, and creative design. In fact, this theme fully tailors to the needs of small online stores or blogs.

1) Modern & clean design

With its 3 exotic and unique demos, BiShop proves that why it’s one of best WordPress eCommerce themes by its modern and professional and unique design. However, BiShop is not a theme just focus on its appearance but on its practical functions. For instance, the integration of quick view product popup and product filtering options integrate with fully integrated Woocommerce features. All these considerate designs are from the perspective of customers so that to create a pleasant end-user experience.

2) Gorgeous features

Further, BiShop is a theme with fully responsive and retina ready design. Hence, your online stores always perfectly display in front of customers. Besides, your shops will be SEO friendly ones and rank top on all kinds of search engines since BiShop is SEO Optimised with Solid code. Well, if you want your shops to go to international markets, BiShop can satisfy your needs with its translation ready and social media features. In a word, if you want a modern and creative one page WordPress theme for business, giving a try at BiShop!

Key Features:

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Modern & CleanDesign
  • SEO Optimised
  • Solid Code
  • Quick View Product Popup
  • Product Filtering Options
  • Integrated Woocommerce

Best Free Business WordPress Themes - Divi

Divi is completely a multipurpose and ultimate WordPress business theme of Elegant Themes, which is created not just for business. In fact, this theme can be applied to all walks of life, and extremely, suits for web or WP theme designers due to its formidable and powerful features. Of course, if you make good use of this e-commerce WordPress theme for your commercial website, the world is your oyster!

1) Versatile & elegant design

As one of the most ultimate WordPress e-commerce themes, Divi possesses more than 87 child themes. Thus, no matter what kind of your business are, small or big companies, start-ups or traditional companies, Divi always creates at lease one themes for you. Besides, you definitely will fascinate its elegant and harmonious design. Whether you are modern enthusiasts or vintage lovers, you will find there is perfect sympathy between these awesome e-commerce WordPress themes.

2) Rich collection & update

As one of the best business WordPress business themes for websites or portfolios, Divi is the one premium WordPress business theme which possesses the richest collection of WP elements, widgets, pre-made options I’ve ever met. Don’t be stunned by its rich collection when you come to them. Just carefully select your favorites and you will find creating e-commercial websites could be such fun and meaningful.

However, You may think Divi is just 46 different content elements, 20 pre-made layouts, elements for every occasion, over 200 available settings, unlimited colors, and fonts, etc. That’s it all? Absolutely not! The most formidable about Divi is its updating and sharing features. You can create your own Divi layouts then save them in your Divi Library for your future use or share them with the Divi Community. Of course, you can download them from Divi Community. Most importantly, with the improvement of portability option, you can import or export these layouts or features between Divi WordPress themes. Thus, imagine that all the users of Divi WordPress themes share their masterpieces with you let alone the update version themes of Divi original designers.

3) 3 main premium plugins

Another formidable part about Divi is its 3 updating plugins. The first plugin is the Divi Page Builder- Divi drag-and-drop page builder. With it, you can customize everything by just dragging and dropping the elements around the editing page without beating any code. With its great typography, you can organize all the details with ease. Drag the width or height of your pages or highly customize your interface is just a piece of cake.

Well, the second plugin is the powerful split test system of Divi Lead. You can use it to improve your business operation by using the split test to know more about the page viewers, downloads, or sale numbers. Of course, you can use the split test system for your own masterpiece before you start your business on your commercial websites.

Finally, Divi role editor. This extremely appeals to designers since it can help them control their sites after handing over to their clients in case clients would break custom designs or get overwhelmed the sites. Thus, Divi indeed is the best business WordPress theme due to its premium plugins.

4) Update new features quickly

As one of the best free WordPress business themes, Divi (it has some free child themes) always update quickly. You will soon notice the update of Divi again with another awesome improvements or features after use or follow it. Thanks to their sincere and creative designers, they always would bring surprises to us. However, you couldn’t miss other features such as being compatible with Woocommerce, supporting video & parallax backgrounds, being super responsive to all kinds of devices, instant content & responsive editing. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Divi.

In a word, as one of the ultimate and multipurpose WordPress themes for business, Divi won’t let you down!

Key Features:

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Multipurpose & Creative Design
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Rich Collection & Pre-made Options
  • Dozens of Premium Plugins & Widgets
  • Versatile & Elegant Design
  • Divi Page Builder/Divi Lead/Divi Role Editor/Divi Library/Divi Community
  • Improvement of Portability Option
  • Woocommerce Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • Supporting Video & Parallax Backgrounds
  • Responsive Editing

Best Free Business WordPress Themes - Uncode

Uncode is anther completely creative & multipurpose WordPress business theme of Themeforest and also is created not just for the business industry. As a multipurpose WordPress theme, Uncode can be applied to all walks of life and various situations. In others words, no matter who you are or what you engage in, you can always find your best free business WordPress themes in Uncode.

1) Clean & creative design

With its clean and stylish predominant style, Uncode is not just one tone style. If you are an elegant and modern fonder, you definitely will obsess it. But if you are an elaborate themes lovers,  Uncode still can surprise you with its premium plugins and awesome features yet loads with great performance and shortcode. Therefore, never underestimate the power of creative business WordPress themes. If you are innovative enthusiasts and you want your innovative concepts to reflect on your works, then you shouldn’t miss Uncode.

2) Multipurpose design

As a multipurpose and flexible WordPress e-commerce theme, you may think Uncode is a complicated and unintelligible WordPress e-commerce theme and may feel anxious about its applications. Well, a great tech-savvy create it with ease but is hard for those who never touch code. In fact, you will be worry-free about this aspect in Uncode.

However, it includes 52 demos which can be applied to all industries and interests and some of them are portfolios or blog layouts. In other words, Uncode is a best free business WordPress theme for commercial websites or blogs with all those demos and blog layouts. You can carefully select your favorite demo to start your commercial websites or blogs and you will find this theme could be so easy and interesting to be operated. Besides, Uncode is packed with plugins helping you keep away from those tiresome codes. Thus, though it’s a multipurpose design, it can be utilized in short time without any code skilled.

3) Dozens of premium plugins

With its premium plugin drag-and-drop page editor of Virtual Composer, you create your pixel great websites or blogs by just dragging and dropping the elements around the pages. Thus, all these elements of galleries with perfect definition, unique layouts, catchy charts and graphs display in your stunning websites in front of your clients. They take in everything at a glance then quickly catch they want.

Moreover, your awesome galleries or products will be showcased in such a vivid way that can gain the popularity among by the help of the Revolution Slider & LayerSlider & iLightBox plugins and innovative grid system. Further, changeable individual image backgrounds or full-width slide interface would be eye-catchy. Well, these premium plugins can easily nail it all! In fact, you can find some inspirations or sympathy between these over 30 pre-made homepage demos or the portfolios and blog template style layouts if you are get trapped during your creating process. Of course, you can view its WordPress tutorial video for more details or helps about this best business WordPress theme if you hesitate to seek designers for help.

4) Other essential features

As one of the best multipurpose WordPress business theme, Uncode is surely compatible with social media and Woocommerce. Thus, attract traffic and increase revenue sure happens. Besides, Uncode is a fully responsive WordPress business theme, which means that no matter what kind of devices your clients operate to access to your websites, they always enjoy the perfect experience or even a feast for the eyes with its perfect pixel. It’s common to see that clients will more willingly to choose your products or services than others just because they love your beautiful photos of products. Well, wrapping is the first thing clients get, not the candy. A stunning websites help definitely not impress clients with just a nice-looking picture. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Uncode.

In a word, try this best WordPress business theme and you’ll fascinate it!

 Key Features:

  • Super Responsive & SEO-friendly Design
  • Creative & Multipurpose Design
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Over 50 Demos
  • Great Performance & Quickly Loading
  • Tons of Premium Plugins: Virtual Composer/Revolution Slider/LayerSlider/Innovative Grid/ iLightBox plugin
  • Woocommerce Ready
  • Social Media Ready
  • Highly Customization with Every Element
  • Rich Collection of Background/Portfolio & Blog Template Layouts/Menu Style/Homepages
  • NO or Little Code Skill Required
  • Support & Updates

Best Free Business WordPress Themes - Illdy

Illdy is a clean and slick e-commerce WordPress theme not just for business. the only free WordPress theme of Colorlib. If you are the kind of businessmen who are running the products are not so diversified and just attaches great importance on your main products or services, you need clean & free but creative business WordPress themes for your websites. Then Illdy tailors to you!

1) Pixel perfect and clean layouts

Illdy is a completely clean and simple e-commerce WordPress theme. You must obsess its clean page design after you enter its page and have an overall look at it. Its typography is great and clean which definitely will help your customers focus on your products and services. Besides, with perfect pixel feature, Illdy guarantees that your photos always display extremely a clear and perfect look for your clients. Thus, Illdy extremely suits for that business with an emphasis on photos and products or services.Though is a clean and one-page WordPress theme, but its every element and detail meticulously design. Further, Illdy possesses unlimited colors and awesome icons and premium plugins, you can create your unique layouts according to your aesthetic appreciation and practical needs.

2) Packed with premium WP plugins

As a small business WordPress theme, Illdy is packed with some premium WP plugins such as Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, Jetpack, WP Super Cache, NextGEN Gallery, etc. All these premium plugins empower your commercial websites with quick loading, comprehensive data charts and graphs, and catchy project results. Moreover, you should never miss some creative detail parts such full-screen background image and parallax scrolling option. With these free premium plugins, you can quickly create your unique business websites without any coding knowledge.

3)Flexible and multipurpose features

Since it is a one-page WordPress business theme, Illdy is easy to install and extremely adapt to real-time changes due to its preview option.

Still, it is very flexible e-commerce WordPress theme since it’s super responsive, especially mobile friendly. SEO-friendly enable your commercial websites to rank top on all kinds of search engines.

Finally, there is one thing need to pay attention to: Illdy that it isn’t compatible with Woocommerce now but it soon will. more details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Illdy.

In brief, if you need a clean & free WordPress business theme for your websites, Illdy could be your best choice.

 Key Features:

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Clean & Slick Design
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Packed with Premium WP Plugins
  • SEO-friendly
  • Fullscreen Background Image& Parallax Scrolling Options
  • Live Preview Option
  • No Code Skill Required
  • Support & Updates

Thanks for visiting MageeWP WordPress themes. We hope this introduction of the best free business WordPress themes can be a reference for you to build your music website or blog. And we hope you continue to have access to our blog as well as provide support. Many thanks.

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