WordPress Theme Guide: Cordillera

Thanks for using Cordillera WordPress theme. This manual will tell you how to use this theme step by step.


As Cordillera is a free WordPress theme, you get two ways to install this theme:

Method 1. Download from WordPress.Org

  • 1. In your dashboard, go to Appearance - Themes, click on Add new, search Cordillera.
  • 2. When the Cordillera theme appears, click Install button, then the WordPress will start downloading the theme.
  • 3. Active the theme

Method 2. Download from Mageewp.Com

  • 1. Go to AppearanceThemes in the Dashboard
  • 2. Click on the Add New button
  • 3. Click on the Upload link
  • 4. Select the cordillera.zip file
  • 5. Click Install Now
  • 6. Hit the Active to active the theme after it is successfully uploaded


1. Header text

After log in your dashboard, go to Settings - General, set your site title and title tags.

2. Header image

Go to Appearance - Header, upload an image (1920*72 recommended) as the header image.

3. Upload Logo and Favicon

Go to Appearance - Cordillera Options, hit General Options tab to upload favicon or hit Header tab to upload logo.



Go to Appearance Cordillera Options, hit Footer tab, here you can enable footer widget area.


Setup Homepage And Blog Page

  • 1. Go to Pages - Add New, name it Home or anything you need.
  • 2. Publish the page with no content.
  • 3. Go to Pages - Add New, name it Blog or anything you need.
  • 4. Publish the page with no content.

Active Homepage And Blog Post Page

Before adding sections to the homepage, you need to activate the homepage first. To do so, First you need to hit Home Page tab and activate homepage layout.


Then go to Settings - Reading, in the Front page displays, select Home as front page, and Blog as post page.


Full Screen Banner

If you want to set a full-screen banner for your site, first go to Cordillera Options - Home Page, set Image as Home Page Banner, then click the Image Banner title to expand setting task.


Then you can upload the image, add captions and set padding for the banner.


Home Sections

After activated the homepage, you could go to Appearance - Widgets to start adding modules to this page. You can drag & drop unlimited widgets to the preset sections.


Cordillera also allows you to customize the homepage sections.

1. Add Section and Change Section Position

In the Cordillera Options - Home Page, select the column number you need and define the section name in the Widget Area Name, then hit the Add Item icon.


The section would appear at the bottom of the sections.


 You can drag and drop it to change section position.

2. Edit or Remove Sections

Click Edit to set background color, upload background image, and set the position for the image. You can also choose layout as boxed of full-width here. Remember to hit Save Options button at the bottom.


If you want to remove the section, click Remove.

3. Section Title Settings (*pro version)

In pro version you could set title&description for each section.



We offer Service, Blog, Portfolio, TestimonialCarousel, button, social icons for Homepage layout. And you can also add Section Title and Divider to any section. Remember to click Save button for each widget.

1. Service

Go to Appearance - Widgets page, drag and drop Cordillera: Service widget to a column of any section. You can set the icon for service widget as font awesome icon or custom image (You can find icon code at fontawesome.io/icons/ ).  The title link is optional.


In pro version, you have 2 choices of Service style.

2. Portfolio

Drag and drop the Cordillera:Portfolio widget to any section, select pages to show as portfolio. You need to set featured images for the pages before.


3. Blog

Drag the Cordillera:Blog widget to any section, set how many blog posts you want to show on the homepage.


4. Testimonial

 Drag Cordillera:Testimonial widget to any Section, set Avatar, Byline (name, title, etc), rating and content.


 You can add 6  at most.

5. Carousel

This widget is used to display some images such as brands, clients, etc. and usually used at the bottom on the homepage. Drag Carousel:Testimonial to any section, and finish the settings then. If the number of items you added is bigger than the display number, it would display as carousel. Or it would stay static.


6. Button & SNS icons

 You can also add Cordillera:Button and Cordillera:Social Icons to any section or footer area. The button has two style.


You need to set icon code for social icons, find more at fontawesome.io/icons/.


7. Section Title & Divider

You can drag&drop to add Cordillera:Section Title widget.  Also you can add margins between two widgets using Cordillera:Divider widget.


Widgets Only For Pro Version

In addition to the above, we offer more widgets in pro version.

1. Team

 We suggest you put this widget in 1/4 or 1/3 column. You need to set name, avatar, byline, SNS and description here.


2. Pricing Table

We suggest you put this widget in 1/4 or 1/3 column. If you set it as featured, the price box would be highlighted. In the features form, remember one feature per line.


3. Counter Box

The counter box could be used to display numbers of skills, clients, etc.


4. Progress Bar

This widget is also used to display skills or project progress. You can add 9 at most.


5. Accordions & Tabs

You could use these two widget to consolidate information.



6. Slider Plugins (Revolution Slider & LayerSlider)

First you need to create a slider using those plugins. Then you can drag&drop the widget to any section and choose the slider you created before. We recommend you add this widget to section with full width layout.

YouTube Video Background (Pro Version)

First upload your video to YouTube (or choose a video without copyright restrictions). Then you would get a ID for the video.

Then go to Appearance – Cordillera Options – Home Page, click the YouTube Video Background Video Options title to expand the task.


Fill in the urls of the video. Add captions, and set content padding.


At last choose Background video as Homepage Banner. Remember to click the “Save Options” button at the bottom.


Custom Sidebar

Cordillera WordPress theme includes 8 sidebars, you can customize them with different widgets, you only need to drag and drop the widgets to the sidebar, finish necessary settings. That’s all you need to customize the sidebars.


Create Menu

  • 1. Go to Appearance - Menu, hit Create a menu, name it anything you wish (the menu name will no display on your site), and then hit Create menu button.
  • 2. Check the pages on the left box and hit Add to Menu button to add the pages to the menu
  • 3. Hit Save Menu button to save changes
  • 4. Check the box before Primary Menu to set the menu as primary menu


Cordillera Metabox options

These options are for pages and posts. When you edit your pages and posts, below the editor, you can find the Metabox Options. You choose either to display breadcrumb or not and set layout for your pages and posts.


Other Settings

You can also change global color and 404 page content in Cordillera Options - General Options.

Custom CSS could be added here too.