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A photography website is not just a regular website – it is a collection of someone ‘s talent and capabilities. There are plenty of websites that can properly display a photographer ‘s work but WordPress is an option that gives you ample room for customization. This means that you want to ensure that you have the right plugins to make the browsing experience as efficient and smooth as possible.

WordPress gallery plugins can be really useful for building a cool online portfolio. The capability to display images in an organized and attractive fashion is a very important feature of most modern websites. Photos, illustrations, screenshots etc. tend to make websites easier to digest and more interesting to the readers.

Awesome Flickr Gallery

This Flickr-focused gallery tool is a simple, fast and effective plugin to create a gallery using your Flickr photos, providing a simple yet customisable way to create clean and professional looking Flickr galleries. Featuring support for both public and private photos, multiple sorting options, intuitive menus, SEO capabilities and more.

Easy Media Gallery

Easy Media Gallery is a plugin which provides an easy way to display grid galleries, photo albums, galleries with pagination and Google Maps and Google Street View as well. You can also embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites. This allows for more interactivity on your site and gives a better experience too.

Eazyest Gallery

Designed to extend WordPress Media by adding folders and subfolders, Eazyest Gallery features a fully integrated admin and media management, unlimited images in unlimited nested folders, shortcodes, automatic indexing, and more.

Envira Gallery

Envira is a new premium gallery plugin which is fast gaining a following for it’s good looks and really well thought out workflow which makes it super easy to manage and deploy galleries across your site. We’ve not seen anything ground breaking in terms of gallery layout or UX, but there is a lot to be said for modern, clean code which runs fast, is very compatible across browsers and devices (it is of course fully responsive). We also like their modular approach to ‘addon’ features which extend the functions of the core plugin application. You can add PinIt! buttons, enable protection against downloaders, enable full screen mode and deep linking to specific images in the lightbox mode. Very clever. To get the most out of Envira we recommend the Silver license at a minimum which includes all the basic addon features.

Facebook Photo Fetcher

Facebook Photo Fetcher is a handy WordPress plugin to create photo galleries from a facebook album automatically. Some of its noteworthy features are simple PHP template functions, fully customizable galleries and a built-in light box. You also don ‘t require a database table to give a stylish look to your website with this plugin.

FooBox Galleries

Described as a socially responsive image lightbox plugin with built-in social sharing and aesthetically pleasing slideshow functionality, FooBox is a premium paid gallery plugin option, with prices starting from a one-time fee of $27 for personal use. FooBox ensures each image has social sharing icons to allow for super-simple social sharing, intelligent captioning, and full mobile device functionality.


This gallery plugin by bestwebsoft makes it possible to implement as many galleries as you want into your website. Create any number of albums in a gallery, add descriptions to each album, set featured images as album covers, add captions, view images as a slideshow and in a full size, and much more.

Gallery Bank

Gallery Bank is a responsive WordPress plugin. It helps in the creation of stylish and beautiful image galleries, list albums, grid albums, thumbnail layouts and various other functions and special effects to elevate your WordPress site. The pro version of WP Gallery Bank is equipped with more than 200 features to give an eye-catching look to your website.

Grand Flagallery

Grand Flagallery is a powerful and user friendly photo gallery plugin which comes with some amazing 3D gallery skins. It not only displays well on desktop systems but also works impeccably in full-screen mode of mobile phones. Specifically for desktop browsers, the background music along with the image slide show can deliver a really pleasant effect to visitors of the website.

Lazyest Gallery

Lazyest Gallery provides a simple way for creating photo galleries with folders, sub folders, thumbnail pages and slide shows. The key features offered by the plugin are an unlimited number of images, automatic thumbnail creation, the capability to add captions, shortcodes that can be used for galleries and much more. Thus letting you work in a more efficient manner.

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular WordPress gallery plugins around. It allows batch uploading and management of image galleries, slideshow and thumbnail style galleries, editing of thumbnails. It also allows one to turn group galleries into albums and various other features that can really give a striking look to one ‘s website.


Designed by ColorLabs & Company, OmniGallery enables users to create photo galleries from their social networks, including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr and Dribble.

Page Flip Image Gallery

Offering an image gallery with a page flip effect, Page Flip Image Gallery features pop-up image galleries, use of images from WordPress media gallery, simple gallery management, the option to batch upload, upload from URLs and zip-files, support for tablets and smartphones and more.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is a responsive WordPress plugin equipped with different tools and options for adding image galleries as well as editing images. It offers the management of unlimited photos, support for many image formats. It also has support for adding YouTube and Vimeo Videos within galleries and comes with audio playback for image slide shows.

Photospace Gallery

This plugin takes full advantage of the built-in features of WordPress by automatically applying the plugin to the default gallery short code, allowing users to upload multiple images at once, easily order images via drag and drop, add titles, captions and descriptions, and modify thumbnails, the width of gallery columns and more.

Responsive Photo Gallery

Responsive Photo Gallery is based on the Bootstrap framework and allows tiy to add unlimited images on WordPress website. It also provides light box preview using a fading animation effect. The shortcode [WRG] can be used to publish photo galleries into any page of your WordPress site. Other important features are simple and easy admin gallery dashboard, two designlayouts, hover colour opacity effect and much more.


SharePrints is a premium gallery plugin which distinguishes itself by being simple to use and offering some truly interactive gallery features. Of course it is fully responsive, and offers a great range of gallery styles like the popular masonry and slider layouts, as well as others like the clever filmstrip and slider layouts, or the popular blog style gallery. My favorite features though are the really nicely done social features including inline image commenting and intuitive social sharing. Totally worth a look.

Simplest Gallery Plugin

Simple by name and nature this is a very popular free option with excellent reviews on the plugin directory.  The beauty of the Simplest Gallery Plugin is in the way it works so seemlessly with the regular core gallery functionality. Just install and activate and you will see the benefits with a really nice jQuery fancy box effect on your existing galleries. The plugin also offers a range of other gallery styles such as lightboxes, coverflow style (as above) and side scrolling thumbnails. Definitely worth a look.

Simple Photo Gallery

Simple Photo Gallery works just as the name suggests. A couple of this plugins important features include easy gallery creation, the ability to watermark images, galleries done in masonry style, the offer of various thumbnail templates as well as plenty of other features to choose from. Definitely a handy plugin to have.

WP Easy Gallery

WP Easy Gallery is an easy to use gallery plugin, allowing users to create and manage multiple image galleries through a simple admin interface. Features include enhanced social sharing capabilities for images, WordPress ShortCodes for easy content integration and more.

WP Photo Album Plus

Designed to easily manage and display your photo albums and slideshows, WP Photo Album Plus offers a wide array of features, including unlimited photos and albums, sub albums, order specification and display customisation, and much more.


An all-in-one plugin to manage video players, slideshow functions, music and podcasts, ZooEffectoffers a range of templates and players to choose from, and gives users the power to manage and customise galleries direct from their website. Other features include fast and unlimited hosting, jQuery galleries to ensure sites work across all mobile devices, caption and description functionality, and much more.

By using a WordPress image gallery plugin or one of the many WordPress Portfolio themes available, you can feature image content in an easy and elegant way. Keep in mind that far from all WordPress themes come with the needed capabilities out of the box to showcase photos the way you want without the need for coding. You can add your ownjQuery image slider plugins to your theme pages, but it takes time and skills. Fortunately, there are plenty of WordPress Gallery plugins you can choose from, making it possible for your site to showcase photos in the way you like.

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