Advantages For Installing WordPress Onto Your Website

You have not decided what software to use to build your new company website? Still think WordPress is built blog? On the Internet there are approximately 20% of the WordPress website, but you may be surprised to find that, in fact, less than half of a “blog.” Here and small series a look, choose WordPress Website What are the advantages.


WordPress is a publishing platform.


WordPress is not just for posting, it offers all the many features, WYSWYG content editing, preview, sorting, labeling, password protection and modify pages. This is used for content management, not just for the articles. For our website, we recommend a fully customized landing pages, best open your “reading” Setting up and switching to a static page, if you are not prepared to provide “news” or “blog” section on your website, you do not even You can simply disable them entirely.


WordPress security update is simple.


When you find a bug in WordPress, this loophole will get professional and timely treatment. Repair functions can be applied automatically to your website, so you can rest assured vacation, because you know that your site will get a good deal. In addition, WordPress provides a simple one-button update the new version of the software, and install plug-ins or themes.


Easy to manage content.


By default, WordPress themes provides a flexible management, editing, and the role of author, making it easy to train new employees gradually, to tell them how to write new content, in a professional manner and manage existing pages and articles. You can configure a complete review of procedures to ensure that the article can not be published without authorization. Management panel is also very easy to use, even for new employees can easily get started operations.

WordPress is highly scalable and customizable.

No matter what industry you’re in, WordPress will provide you with a professional topic. We recommend the Mojo perfect market view some professionally designed themes supported on also has thousands of free themes for many small businesses. WordPress is optimized for search engines, but it is still possible further extended to support a variety of functions with a variety of plug-ins. Other features plug-in already exists, you may also need to include social media integration, product sales, building online communities, increase site analysis, event registration and tracking, as well as anything else you


As we all know, even as the “New York Times” and CNN are using sites like WordPress. No matter how big your company grows, you have to worry about re-pay big bucks to buy expensive software because WordPress is fully applicable.

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