Best Free WordPress Restaurant Themes

Nowadays, online booking food has become a hot trend. If restaurateurs want to win a good reputation, they need to put extreme importance on not only the quality of food but also the promotion of food. Especially, for big restaurant companies, how to promote their brands is another vital part. However, most restaurateurs would create a professional and distinctive website to attract more new customers and keep close to them. Thus, restaurateurs could know more about their customers so that they can improve their food and restaurants.

However, a person with bare knowledge of website building creates a professional website may be extremely time-consuming or even has no way of doing it. Well, since we are in an era of sharing resources, there are rich resources about building websites. WordPress theme is one among them. Generally speaking, it’s not easy for you to select best WordPress themes from thousands of them, especially if you have limited knowledge about this aspects. For this reason, it’s necessary to share some best free WordPress restaurant themes.

Ready to share these best free WordPress restaurant themes which come from different famous WordPress Themes websites. All these well-selected restaurant themes are all meticulously created by their designers, and all of them are paid or free WordPress themes. Though the numbers of the themes are limited now, their features and functions are endless. Each of them is specially tailored to different styles and requirements and selected from hundreds of best WordPress themes due to its unique features and design. Most importantly, we update regularly and our support always will be alert to your need!

1. Best free WordPress restaurant theme - Onetone Restaurant

Onetone Restaurant is a clean and creative WordPress theme which especially tailors to the needs the restaurant websites. It’s a free child WordPress theme of Onetone Pro. Though it’s a one-page child theme, Onetone Restaurant has all the features of Onetone Pro.

1) Creative & clean layout design

As a creative food WordPress theme, Onetone Restaurant is a clean and elegant layout design, which helps users put their emphasis on the main products. Thus, Onetone Restaurant displays a  look of clean and creative websites to customers and help them find out what they want in minutes when they happen to enter your websites.

2) Packed with premium WP plugins

Onetone Restaurant is packed with lots of premium plugins which help users highly customize and create their unique restaurant websites. Firstly, the drag-and-drop page editor based on the Virtual Composer plugin will help you create your awesome restaurant website pages with ease. Whether you are a tech savvy or not, you’ll obsess it since it helps not only save your times and energy but also could create websites of your dreams. Even though you are a person who knows limited knowledge about building websites, you can operate this theme with skill and ease. Well, you just need to drag and drop the elements around your editing pages and nail it.

Moreover, with the help of Revolution Slider & LayerSlider plugins, you can create a full- width slider or full- screen slider. Further, since Onetone Restaurant is a retina ready theme, not only the way of display your yummy photos but also the definition of your galleries are guaranteed by it. That’s the main reason why it’s fascinated by people as a best WordPress restaurant theme.

3) Practical features & design

As one of the best free WordPress themes for restaurant websites, Onetone Restaurant becomes favored also due to its practical features and design. The more you get to know it, the more you’ll fascinate it. For example, you may obsess its way of displaying history part. In a clean and prominent place, customers will soon get the main information and its main products. As for the way of displaying price. You may notice its light beige background with the red price. The number is so eye-catchy and the background is such harmonious.

Moreover, this best free premium WordPress theme only displays the main and practical information and parts on its websites, which take full account of the needs of customers.

Further, Onetone Restaurant is a fully responsive WordPress theme and is compatible with Woocommerce. Thus, no matter what kind of device customers use to shop online, they will always enjoy a perfect ultimate look even a feast for the eyes. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Onetone Restaurant.

In brief, if you want a free creative and one-page WordPress restaurant theme, Onetone Restaurant could be your best choice.

Key Features?

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Modern & Clean & One-page Design
  • Multipurpose & Flexible & Detail-oriented Design
  • Dozens of Premium Plugins: Virtual Composer/Revolution Slider/LayerSlider plugins/Bootstrap Framework/bb Press
  • SEO-Optimized
  • Retina/Woocommerce/ Translation/Social Media Ready
  • Dozens of Pre-made Sections/Layouts
  • Supporting Video & Parallax Backgrounds
  • Guaranteed Support

2. Best free WordPress restaurant theme - Restaurantz

Restaurantz is a beautiful WordPress theme of for restaurants or any food business. In fact, it’s not only a beautiful WordPress restaurant theme but also a professional WordPress theme.

1) Beautiful & professional layout design

When you enter the interface of Restaurantz, you will obsess its beautiful layout design, especially its fonts are so harmonious with its whole style. Though its elements and layouts are so crafted that it’s a feast for the eyes, its a professional WordPress restaurant theme. Each part of Restaurantz is meticulously designed for the needs restaurant websites. For example, the Special Dishes part display next to About Us, which puts it in prominent so that costumers can get the main information at first glance.

Moreover, since Restaurantz is a retina ready WordPress restaurant theme, each photo gives customers a yummy feeling which completely restores those products. Thus, don’t contribute all to your chefs if customers drool over your meals, stunning websites and beautiful photos are also credited with it.

2) Premium WP plugins

Though Restaurantz is a beautiful WordPress restaurant theme, it could be operated with ease. Thanks to the help of these premium plugins, you could keep away from those complex codes. In other words, even though you have little knowledge about building websites, you can get along well with this friend - an elegant WordPress theme.

Firstly, the Page Builder by Site Origin helps you highly customize your page layouts by just dragging and dropping the elements around the editing page. Secondly, this WordPress restaurant theme supports Food Menu by Jetpack. With this powerful Jetpack plugin, you could freely and quickly creative you dream restaurant websites according to your aesthetic appreciations. Further, since its Theme Options panel is based on formidable Customizer API, you can customize and configure your awesome websites with skill and ease! More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Restaurantz.

In a word, if you need a beautiful and professional WordPress restaurant theme, you shouldn’t miss Restaurantz.

Key Features?

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Beautiful & Professional Layout Design
  • Support Food Menu by Jetpack
  • Page Builder by Site Origin
  • Theme Options Panel - Customizer API
  • Retina Ready
  • Little Code Skill Required
  • Guaranteed Support

3. Best free WordPress restaurant theme - Bistro

Bistro is a modern and colorful WordPress restaurant theme of ATheme. This theme especially suits the needs of people whose websites require a stunning photos effects.

1) Modern & colorful layout design

Bistro is one of the best free child WordPress themes of Sydney theme. As a modern and colorful WordPress restaurant theme, Bistro gives a strong impression of deluxe and satisfied. Well, if yours are such kind food products, you may need such WordPress restaurant theme to reveal your food and restaurant features. Imagine that yummy food photo backgrounds and prominent restaurant main information ahead of them, when customers enter your websites. Well, no wonder customers would crave for these mouth-watering food.

2) Overlaying & parallax effects

Apart from its layout design, other awesome features will make you obsess it more. You can set the photos of your main products as head-page or interface with parallax effect. However, when you create your restaurant websites based on this best WordPress theme, you needn’t click the preview option to see the front end effects but can enjoy the real-time modifications. In addition, you can insert with its beautiful pre-made modules then fill with your contents. Well, if you want overlaying background effects, just select and upload your unique and yummy food photos. Nail it!

Finally, Bistro, a modern and colorful WordPress restaurant theme, is a WordPress mobile theme. Thus, your websites will always give customers the impression of perfect yummy food photos and eye-catchy information on any device. More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Bistro.

In brief, Bistro tailors to the needs of those whose websites are the icing on the cake with modern and colorful WordPress restaurant themes.

Key Features?

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Modern & Colorful Layout Design
  • Homepage Parallax Effect
  • Overlaying Background Effect
  • Pre-made Modules
  • Live Customizer
  • Retina Ready
  • Little Code Skill Required
  • Guaranteed Support

Thanks for visiting MageeWP WordPress themes. We hope this introduction of best free WordPress restaurant themes can be a reference for you to build your food website or blog. And we hope you continue to have access to our blog as well as provide support. Many thanks.

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