Best Free Music WordPress Themes for Music Industry

Nowadays, music has become an indivisible part of people’s life. Everyone loves music since music always can bring listeners something maybe emotions or inspirations, etc. If you are musicians, bands or music artists, you must still find ways to promote your music but not just care about your music.

However, one of the most effective ways is to create music websites or blogs. You may find out that just boosting your credibility through social media like Facebook or SoundCloud is far more enough to achieve the result you want. But you may get trapped by how to create high-quality websites or blogs. Generally speaking, musicians and music artists always bustle about their gigs or music events and barely have time to take care of others. In this case, the best and responsive music WordPress themes definitely help you keep away from consuming your time and draining your energy.

In fact, some best free music WordPress themes help not just saving your time, and more. They grant you another area to show your musical talents and to connect with your fans. And this area, of course, is a virtual and online area. Moreover, you should never ever underestimate the power of the great music WordPress themes. They can show your music to your fans in a way of reflecting or even highlighting the individuality of your music and yourselves. Because you can create your own stunning websites or blogs according to your aesthetic appreciation but not always mechanical websites or blogs.

Further, these best music WordPress themes are elaborately created and tailor to your needs. Most of them are packed with dozens of premium plugins so they are multipurpose and flexible. In brief, with perfect pixel, fully responsive design and highly customization features, these best music WordPress themes surely deserve your trying.

Here are some top-ranking best free music WordPress themes for your sharing. Though the numbers of them are limited, their features and applications are endless. More importantly, we update, and there will be more!

1. Best Free Music WordPress Themes- FWRD

FWRD is the first best free music WordPress theme I want to share with you. It’s an ultimate music WordPress theme for musicians and bands. Why? Firstly, it includes five totally different styles demos. Believe it or not, you will completely fascinate at least one of these free & crafted music WordPress themes. Secondly, FWRD inserts with many free but useful plugins such as the Virtual Composer, Essential Grid, Slider Revolution, etc. Finally, its practical and multipurpose features definitely make you think this awesome music WordPress theme is just created for you only.

It is well known that music attaches extremely importance on every detail. That’ why good music websites or blogs are always crafted but harmonious. FWRD helps you achieve that goal with its free plugins. Generally speaking, people easily regard those stunning websites or blogs always relate to some tech-savvy or code gurus. Well, you will not think so anymore after you personally create awesome websites or blogs basing on this ultimate and custom music WordPress theme.

1) Premium plugins empower you highly customize your pages with ease!

First of all, FWRD allows you create your dream website or blog page with Virtual Composer without beating any code. Why it’s so awesome? Well, with the drag-and-drop page editor, you can create and organize your unique pages. You want to organize your playlists or add a player to another page, too? Virtual Composer helps you by just dragging and dropping. Nail it all! Moreover, you can design your own header since FWRD is packed with over 100 header design options. As for the website contents and others, FWRD’s Essential Grid easily helps you display your contents in any grid layouts, let alone it’s unlimited layouts, colors, and fonts.

2) Other awesome features help your websites or blogs stand out!

Further still, FWRD has some warm and practical details and features which keep me sharing more. As a super responsive music WordPress theme, FWRD always looks great on all devices. You will obsess it more with its Video background & Parallax feature. Imagine an edgy website with awesome video backgrounds and parallax. Cool? Absolutely! One more exciting thing about FWRD is its upcoming events or gigs design option. Can’ t love this option more especially if you are music fans. A super warm detail design because not only the musicians or singers but also their fans can clearly know the next gigs’ times and location details.


Finally, FWRD is beautifully integrated with Woocommerce. Thus, with it, you can sell not only your music but also your merchandises when your website attracts traffic. Well, you can’t also miss other awesome features, such as Hot Links, Slide Revolution, Audio Player, Music Album, Photo Album, etc. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit FWRD.

In brief, as one of the best sellers and best free music WordPress themes in , FWRD indeed deserves your trying!

Key Features:

  • Virtual Composer- Drag and Drop Page Editor
  • Essential Grid
  • Fully Responsive
  • Video Background & Parallax
  • Upcoming Events or Gigs Design Option
  • Hot Links
  • Slide Revolution
  • Audio Player & Music Album & Photo Album
  • Woocommerce Ready
  • Over 100 Header Design Options
  • Unlimited Layouts, Colors, and Fonts
  • Support & Update

2. Best Free Music WordPress Themes - Lucille

Lucille is the second best free music WordPress theme I want to share with you. It’s an extremely flexible & crafted music WordPress theme for the music industry. With 5 unique style demos, no matter whether you are musicians, music bands, producers, artists or anyone work relating to the music industry, Lucille always guarantees that you will find at least one free music WordPress themes catering to you. More importantly, Lucille expresses what is creative but classic style with its black or white dominant color and premium plugins and features.

As a flexible and free elaborate music WordPress theme, the most attractive part about Lucille is its idea: catering to different needs combining creative with classic elements.

1) Premium plugins enable you to creative your stunning website or blog pages!

Firstly, the menu can be creative, class or centered one with the plugin drag and drop page editor option based on Virtual Composer. Of course, apart from its empty page and page sidebars, you can create different style layouts for blog pages let alone rearranging its photo gallery, videos, discography, events and blog parts.

Secondly, you can build edgy websites or blogs by making good use of the Slider Revolution plugin. Changeable individual image backgrounds or full-width slide interface? Yeah, definitely! You can create your event video background slide, too!

2) Lucille empowers you to highly customize each post type!

Thirdly, you can customize each post type. For example, you can design the entries the Event Post type with all the details of date, time, venue, tickets link and lick to media, etc. And you can upload your Youtube or Vimeo videos and insert with Google Map for your Video Post type. The customization of other albums, photo album post types is the same. Further, you can customize every small element according to your aesthetic appreciation. Lucile prepares you with all the elements or features like unlimited colors and all Google Fonts, etc. Thus, the customization of the logo or favicons is just a piece of cake. Well, Lucille is indeed a flexible and custom music theme.

3) Other awesome features help your websites or blogs stand out!

Finally, Lucille is a super responsive and intuitive music WordPress themes. Its ultimate look on any device is always great. And you will fond of its flexible waver player which is always the classic way to promote your music. Moreover, Lucille is beautifully compatible with Woocommerce. Therefore, you can sell your merchandises online. Other warm and practical features like being compatible with WPML and translation option help to promote and share your music with the whole world. Truly achieve the goal of “ music has no boundary”! More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Lucille.

Rock on! Try this best flexible music WordPress theme.

Key Features:

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Creative & Flexible & Multipurpose Design
  • Compatible With Woocommerce
  • Premium Plugins- Virtual Composer/Slider Revolution
  • Customization Menu/Sidebars/ Post Types/Logo/Favicons
  • Compatible With WPML & Translation Ready
  • Unlimited Colors & All Google Fonts
  • Individual Images/Event Video Background
  • Full-WidthSlider/Video Slider
  • Social Media Ready
  • Support & Updates

3. Best Free Music WordPress Themes- Uncode

Uncode is the third best free music WordPress theme I want to share with you. It’s a completely creative & multipurpose WordPress theme not just for the music industry. It can be applied to all walks of life and various situations. In others words, no matter who you are or what you engage in, you can always find your best WordPress themes in Uncode. In fact, Uncode is not just one tone in its style, but basically, its’ predominant style is clean and stylish. Of course, if you are a sophisticated and crafted fonder, Uncode still can surprise you, too. Why? Uncode is completely an innovative builder which comes bundle with premium plugins and features yet loads with great performance and shortcode. Never underestimate the power of innovation. If you are creative enthusiasts and you want your innovative concepts to reflect on your works, then you shouldn’t miss Uncode.

Well, since Uncode is a multipurpose WordPress theme which includes 52 demos which can be applied to all industries and interests and some of them are portfolios or blog layouts. Thus, Uncode can be a best music WordPress theme with all those demos and blog layouts. That’s to say Uncode is a creative and multipurpose music WordPress theme for the music industry. However, you may feel anxious about its features since as a free multipurpose music WordPress theme like Uncode, it’s definitely complicated and unintelligible. Well, a great tech-savvy can create it with ease but is hard for those who never touch code. In fact, you will be worry-free about this aspect in Uncode.

1) Premium plugins enable you to creative your stunning website or blog pages!

Well, like its name reflects “un-code”. You will find Uncode can help you keep away from those tiresome codes with its premium plugin Virtual Composer. The drag-and-drop page editor basing on Virtual Composer helps you create your pixel-great music websites or blogs by just dragging and dropping the elements around the pages. Thus, you can easily create different style layouts for blog pages let alone rearranging its photo gallery, videos, discography, events and blog parts.

Moreover, with the Revolution Slider and LayerSlider plugins, your awesome gallery or merchandises will be showcased in such a vivid way that can gain the popularity among let alone the features of Uncode ‘s innovative grid system and iLightBox plugin. Thus, you can build changeable individual image backgrounds or full-width slide interface according to your aesthetic appreciation and practical needs. But if you barely have inspirations, you can select your favorite one from over 30 pre-set homepage demos or the portfolios and blog template style layouts. Otherwise, you can view its WordPress tutorial video for more details about this free & creative music WordPress theme.

2) Other practical features empower your websites or blogs stand out!

Finally, as a creative and multipurpose WordPress theme, Uncode is a super responsive WordPress theme  with perfect pixel, which completely makes you rest assured that its ultimate look is always great on any devices. Thus, you should never worry about a bad experience of your fans. Further, Uncode is finely compatible with Woocommerce and social media. Thus, you can share your music or goods with your fans online. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Uncode.

In a word, try this best free music WordPress theme and you’ll fascinate it!

 Key Features:

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Creative & Multipurpose Design
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Over 40 Demos
  • Great Performance
  • SEO-friendly
  • Tons of Premium Plugins- Virtual Composer/Revolution Slider/LayerSlider/Innovative Grid/ iLightBox plugin
  • Woocommerce & Social Media Ready
  • Content Block
  • Customization or Concepts of Background/Portfolio & Blog Template Layouts/Menu Style/Homepages
  • No Code Skill Required
  • Support & Updates

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