10 Best Free One Page WordPress Themes

One page WordPress themes have become a hot trend in websites design nowadays. In particular, creative companies or startups are more preferred to use single page templates for their landing pages. On one hand, single page WordPress themes usually come straight to the point and are content-focused to a large extent, which enables users to put an emphasis on their company information and visitors to find what they want quickly. On the other hand, compared to multi-page WordPress themes, one-page themes often provide a much faster page speed and load with higher performance.

Well, most of these themes are handpicked from those WordPress creating websites, famous or infamous. Even though their focus is single page design, many also integrate with multi-page layouts. Undoubtedly, they are all flat design along with fancy and gorgeous features. Below you’ll find 10 best one page WordPress themes with unique design concepts and different intended uses. Actually, this list is arranged in no particular order. Hence, the first one isn’t the best one. Of course, there are only the best suitable themes for you but the best themes for all. In all, take them for a spin and find out your best suitable WordPress themes that delivering the things to cover your creative needs and ambitions right now!

Best One Page WordPress Themes - DynamiX


DynamiX is a consistent, flexible and ultra-fast business WordPress clean, multipurpose and dynamic theme. Extremely, you can utilize this one page WordPress theme to your business website, portfolio, blog or one page site. DynamiX will tailor to your needs eventually.

Obviously, the awesome features of DynamiX will be a huge temptation for those who want a unique, characteristic and ultra-fast website. However, it’s well known that professional and high weight websites can attract visitors, which means your websites gain exposure so there are more chance to be seen by customers. Without a doubt, a theme like DynamiX bundled with a dozen of premium plugins and with the design of end-user focused experience, it will reward you with your dream websites in an effects way. In short, DynamiX won’t let you down!

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit DynamiX.

Key Features:

  • Clean & Dynamic & Commercial Design
  • Rich Unique WP Resources & Elements(9Fantastic Demos/Unlimited Header styles/Powerful Post Blocks/Unlimited Grid Styles)
  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized & Retina Ready Features
  • Ultra-fast Load Speed & SEO Optimized
  • Compatible with Plugins (Woocommerce/MailChimp/Contact From 7/bbPress)
  • Bundle with Premium Plugins( Virtual Composer/Slider Revolution/iLightbox/Typewriter/Clipboard)
  • Parallax Elements & Flexshapes & Customize Virtual
  • Dynamic Functionality

Modern One Page WordPress Themes - Onetone Pro

Onetone Pro is a modern, fully responsive and multipurpose corporate WordPress clean, creative and agile theme. Indeed, this one page theme is a perfect solution for professional and modern website landing page for startups or small corporations.

Undeniable, Onetone Pro will satisfy your harsh requirements with its creative and versatile five child WordPress themes. What’s more, Onetone Pro is bundled with lots of premium plugins which help you build fantastic websites with ultra-fast page speed and extensive performance. In conclusion, if you want a clean and modern landing page to deal with huge traffic inwards, maybe you should have a try at Onetone Pro.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Onetone Pro.

Key Features:

  • Modern & Clean & Agile Design
  • Five Unique & Versatile Child WordPress Themes(Classic/APP/Cafe/Fashion/Resume/Restaurant)
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready Features
  • Packed with Premium Plugins( Page Builder/Slider Revolution)
  • Compatible with HOT Plugins (Woocommerce/HTML5 Video/bbPress)
  • SEO Optimized & Translation Ready
  • Clean Shortcodes
  • BuddyPress Support

Responsive One Page WordPress Themes - Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is a dynamic and live website creator with an elegant, creative and multipurpose design. Chiefly, it’s a super slick and eyepopping singe page template which provides for a thoroughly fluid-flowing and streamline users experiencing.

Emphatically, a theme like Massive Dynamic with flair, it’s bundled with premium WP plugins for free and compatible with hot plugins to facilitate your creating without touching a line of code. What’s more, Massive Dynamic is a live text editor along with 66 unique built-in templates and 70+ incredible elements not to mention its 100% fully responsive, SEO-optimized, retina, and translation ready features. Summing up, get this impressive theme to restore your booming business.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Massive Dynamic.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic & Multipurpose & Elegant Design
  • 66 Unique Pre-made Templates (70+ incredible elements/Endless Header & Menu Options)
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready & High-Performance Features
  • Live Text Editor
  • Bundled with Premium Plugins for Free (Virtual Composer/Slider Revolution/Master Slider)
  • Compatible with WP Plugins (Woocommerce/Go Pricing/Contact From 7/Mailchimp/Add To Any )
  • SEO & Marketing Optimized
  • WPML& RTL Ready

Modern One Page WordPress Themes - Themo

Themo is a completely innovative, thoroughly multi-concepts and fully responsive WordPress modern, creative and intriguing theme.

Obviously, the most highlight about Themo Parallax Composer. Unlike other packed with premium plugins, Parallax Composer claims to be the first online WP plugin to create virtual web animations without a code. Similarly, other plugins like Layer Slider, Slider Revolution, and Virtual Composer will enable you to create fancy webs in an effective way.

Undeniably, Themo is a highly customizable one page theme, which empowers you to highly customize anything. Equally important, since it’s a multipurpose and creative theme, there are rich WP elements and 25+ unique demos at your disposal. To sum up, you can create your dedicate, innovative and modern landing pages with Themo in minutes.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Themo.

Key Features:

  • Fresh & Multipurpose & Modern Design
  • 25 Unique Pre-made Templates (Unlimited & Fully Customizable Elements/Header/Menu Options visitations)
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Advanced Grid Builder/Powerfull Page Options
  • Bundled with Premium Plugins for Free (Parallax Composer/Visual Page Builder/ Layer Slider/Slider Revolution/The Rid)
  • Compatible with WP Plugins (Woocommerce/Contact From 7/Mailchimp)
  • SEO & Translation Ready
  • Advanced Backgrounds/Amazing Sliders
  • Advanced Typography/Portfolio/Blog/Premium Icons

Elegant One Page WordPress Themes - Cactus Pro

Cactus Pro is a fully responsive and thoroughly flexible WordPress elegant and single page theme. By comparison, this theme more tends to be suitable for those flesh, minimal and elegant websites. Naturally, it’ll be more preferred if you apply this elegant theme to those websites that requiring elegant or clean landing pages.

However, don’t just judge a book by its cover. You may think Cactus Pro is just an elegant WordPress theme. Well, don’t get stunned if you know how stunning it’s while its awesome features work. Take the case of its premium plugins. Its page builder plugin Elementor and virtual effects plugin Slider Revolution will help you save lots of time, cost, and energy to build your own particular and fantastic effects websites. To sum up, Cactus Pro will help not just set up your elegant and professional brand image!

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Cactus.

Key Features:

  • Elegant & Professional Design
  • 6 Unique Demos
  • Packed with Premium Plugins(Elementor/Slider Revolution)
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready Features
  • Compatible with Plugins (Woocommerce/Polylang )
  • SEO Optimized
  • Live Customizer
  • Video Background & One Page Parallax Scrolling

Best One Page WordPress Themes - Swenson

Swenson is a multipurpose WordPress trendy and modern theme with a one and multi-page design. Formerly, this theme is created to meet the needs of business websites or blogs. Especially, with the design of UX-focused and design-oriented features, Swenson lead you to hit the ground running based on its high performance, SEO optimized, super responsive and highly customizable features. In summary, Swenson will reward you with webs or blogs of maximum flexibility and simplicity.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Swenson.

Key Features:

  • Trendy & Multipurpose & Modern Design
  • 4 Header Types + Unlimited Colors
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Fantastic Crespo Option Panel
  • Bundled with Premium Plugins for Free (Visual Composer/Slider Revolution)
  • Compatible with WP Plugins (Woocommerce/Contact From 7/Mailchimp)
  • SEO & Translation Ready
  • Clean Code(HTML5 & CSS3)

Creative One Page WordPress Themes - Osmosis

Osmosis is a modern, trendy and one page WordPress theme with super easy-to-use feature. Though it’s one page and minimal WordPress theme, it’s main concepts is creating a clean and modern web getting rid of superfluous. In other words, even though it contains complicated things, its outlook and layout are clean and straightforward.

Equally important, Osmosis claims to be the theme with the high pixel. Therefore, you can create unparalleled virtual effects and awesome functions webs based on its premium WP plugins. Well, take the case of Revolution Slider plugin, you can create any stunning parallax effects according to your own aesthetic appreciation. Another case of its Master Key Safe Button. It’s available for users to access vital information quickly. In brief, whether your webs or Osmosis, the same perfect ones!

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Osmosis.

Key Features:

  • Creative & & One Page Design
  • Rich Unique WP Resources & Elements
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Compatible with Well-known Plugins (Woocommerce/Contact From 7/GoPricing )
  • Bundled with Premium Plugins for Free (Visual Composer/Slider Revolution)
  • Smooth Parallax Scroll Effects
  • SEO & RTL Optimized
  • Live Color Customizer
  • One-click Demo Install/Update
  • Video Tutorials

Best One Page WordPress Themes - Divi

Divi is a thoroughly resourceful, gorgeously creative and super flexible WordPress elegant, modern, intelligent and multipurpose theme. Formerly, Divi is created to be the ultimate web building toolbox of WP elements. Indeed, it’s one of the ultimate WordPress themes with perfect pixel and awesome features.

Without a doubt, you’ll fascinate its elegant, high-resolution and perfect virtual effects layouts. However, its fantastic features and all-purpose design are really its highlights. Well, don’t be cringing when you notice its 87 fancy and unique demos. Emphatically, its 3 unique premium Divi plugins will make feel even more amazed. Undeniably, its Divi page builder, Divi Lead, and Portability Option are the so-called the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress Themes. Take the case of its improvement of Portability Option. You can transfer the themes between Divi theme users. In other words, Divi users can import or export WP layouts or elements let alone it has its Divi Library and Community to share or down WP resources.

What’s more, Divi fully responsive and extensive performance will make your websites to be user-friends ones and beloved by all type of search engines. Summing up, Divi will empower you to see further by standing on the shoulder of this WP giant.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Divi.

Key Features:

  • Creative & Fantastic & Multipurpose Design
  • Unexceptionable & Unique Built-in WP Elements (87+ child WordPress themes/20+ built-in layouts demos)
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready & Perfect Pixel Features
  • Integrated with Advanced WP Plugins (Divi Page Builder/Slider Revolution/Layer Slider/Divi Lead/Divi Role Editor)
  • Compatible with Well-known Plugins (Woocommerce/Contact From 7/Total Cache/Mailchimp/RTL/Yoast)
  • SEO Optimized & High Performance
  • Divi Library & Divi Community
  • Video Tutorials

Premium One Page WordPress Themes - TheGem

TheGem is an extremely versatile, thoroughly responsive and completely consistent WordPress theme in a modern, creative and all-purpose design.

Compared to other best WordPress themes, TheGem indeed a theme that brings unlimited possibility. Undeniably, your websites will spring to life at once based on its 40+ unique all-purpose creative concepts let alone its 150 fantastic demo pages. I shall, without reservation, say that it’s a WP elements library actually. Well, to be more precise, it’s a thinktank of the WordPress themes virtually. Owing to collaborating with top designers from Behance, you’ll find you create your fancy websites with the cooperation of those designers with flair.

Equally important, TheGem is bundled with dozens of premium plugins which empower you to create eye-popping and gorgeous websites or blogs without touching that messy code. Imagine that, creating stunning websites or blogs in an effective way. Not convinced? Take the case of its page builder Virtual Composer. Obviously, you can deliver your commercial or innovative concepts to every element by just dragging and dropping it around your editing area. In another case, you can combine your innovative and corporate concepts with the Slider Revolution and Layer Slider plugins to create fantastic virtual effects. Anyway, don’t afraid of no inspirations during your creating process, you definitely get inspired by its creative built-in demos. In brief, the word is your oyster with TheGem.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit TheGem.

Key Features:

  • Slick & Creative & Cutting-edge & Multipurpose Design
  • Rich Unique WP Resources & Unlimited Creativity (40+ unique demos/150+ fantastic demo pages)
  • Mobile Friendly & Retina Ready Features
  • Bundled with Hot WP Plugins (Virtual Composer/Slider Revolution/Layer Slider)
  • Dozens of Plugins Ready (Woocommerce/Contact From 7/Yoast/Total Cache/Mailchimp/RTL)
  • High Performance & SEO-optimized
  • Unlimited Creativity

Simple One Page WordPress Themes - Alchem

Alchem is a creative and flexible WordPress theme with a simple, clean and impressive layout design. Emphatically, it’s impressive layout design and consistent features will make your website stand out from thousands of websites. Thanks to its Slider Revolution plugin, you can create any gorgeously virtual effects. For instance, from full-screen slider to video background slider, you can create them with skill and ease based on its page builder Elementor. Even though you barely know coding knowledge, you can operate it as a professional tech guy. In brief, take this easy-to-use theme to start your booming business.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Alchem.

Key Features:

  • Simple & Beautiful & Impressive Design
  • One-Page & Multiple-Page Pre-made Template (7 built-in homepage demos)
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Mobile Friendly & SEO Optimized
  • Compatible & Bundled with Plugins (Elementor/Slider Revolution/Woocommerce/HTML5 Video/bbPress )
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Professional Support

Clean One Page WordPress Themes - Peony

Peony is just a pure single page WordPress clean, simple and minimal theme. Extremely, it tailors to the needs of clean fast-loading landing pages. Of course, it’s ultimate look will be up to you. Whether elegant or modern layout styles, you can create it according to your practical needs and aesthetic appreciation. Simultaneously, you can fill it with your own corporate information to turn out this theme to be your professional websites. In short, your imagination comes first, Peony second!

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Peony.

Key Features:

  • Clean & Simple & Flexible & One-page Design
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Use-to-use Feature
  • Mobile Friendly & SEO Optimized
  • Compatible with Plugins (Woocommerce/HTML5 Video/bbPress )
  • Bundled with Premium plugins (Elementor/Slider Revolution)
  • Professional Support

That’s it. All of the above are the possible popular best one page WordPress templates.  If you come across any problems in one page WordPress theme download/install, or if you have no idea of how to start a travel blog or website, please inform us by the comment. To get more information about MageeWP WordPress themes or website building, please see our blog. Many thanks.

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