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During the past few years, many web designers have adapted responsive web design for their websites. Responsive web design is a web design approach which aims at creating web sites which can provide optimum viewing experience over a wide range of devices (with different screen sizes). Nearly all the clients these days demand for responsive layouts so that it can display ideally on all types of devices. In this article I recommend one special WordPress Theme that you will truly love-Onetone.


Onetone is a wonderful one page WordPress theme. It is free, but it works like a premium one. As a theme made for business, its one-page homepage provides all your business information within the page. In addition, it offers you the greatest freedom to customize your homepage, e.g., you can customize background video, gallery, and the bottom area in which you can put anything. In the gallery section, the friendly layout allows you to showcase your competitive products easily. Onetone adapts responsive design which makes it works well on all desktops, tablet PCs and mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, etc.
Now we have developed the professional version of this theme, which includes more features like google fonts, shortcode, full-width page template, HTML5 video background, etc.

Onetone is cute one page responsive wordpress theme that comes with packed features. It is especially designed for business. Display all the information related to your business within the page. Customization of the home page is so simple that you can add superb gallery and background video. Full screen sluder, font awesome icons, fantastic gallery, youtube video background, built with CSS3 HTML5, flexibility, translation ready, one page home page and upload favicon are the features of this wordpress responsive free single page theme.

This theme is simple but professional. From one page your clients can get idea about your business. It has a nice picture based header. Its customization is user friendly. It incorporates Font Awesome Icons, logo adding panel, custom css etc.

Onetone is a one-page responsive business theme based on HTML5/CSS3. All required information are displayed on a single page with clear order according to users’ preferences. The basic sections designed for business purpose have already been built for you. There’s also an extensive admin panel where unlimited sections can be easily added. Multiple options are available if you prefer to do some adjustments,such as changing background, uploading logo and favicon,adding custom CSS and so on.

Completely Free

Onetone is a free one-page WordPress theme for small business. With several simple steps, you can build a wonderful website by yourself.

One-page Homepage

Put all the sections required for your business on a single front page. Visitors can get all the information in minutes by simply scroll.

Responsive Design

It’s nice responsive designed to work well on all desktops, tablet PCs and mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, etc.

Extensive Admin Panel

Upload your logo & favico, change background for site, add and edit sections, edit the font page on the admin panel to make the homepage better.

Cross-Browser Support

Well worked with all popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10.

SNS Icons

Onetone provides multiple SNS icons to your website which you can add easily. Such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Youtube and more.

If you want to construct a successful business website, Onetone is the theme for you! It is modern and optimized, based on CSS3 and HTML5. Its simple design is sleek and intuitive. Your website will feature all relevant information on just one page. You can tweak and alter every detail, resulting in a great experience for your viewers. All creative decisions can be made by you, as Onetone is highly customizable. This theme does all of the heavy lifting, while you get to make fun and interesting decisions. It has every section that you can expect to see on a professional business page: gallery, about, clients, services, and so on. A limitless number of additional sections can be added via the versatile Admin Panel.

There are various settings that you can change. For example, customers can select custom backgrounds for their pages, or implement Parallax scrolling backgrounds, Font Awesome icons, and video backgrounds. In addition, there is the option to incorporate a personalized logo and favicon, or include custom CSS. This theme is optimized for search engines. Thanks to this SEO-readiness, your chances of getting more views will be drastically increased. Mobile users will be able to access your site without any issue, given that Onetone is entirely responsive.

If you want to stand out and be different, try One tone. I was resistant to try this theme out due to the dark colours that I found overwhelming. After trying it, I am converted into a raving fan of Onetone. The highlights of this template for me is definitely the video header background that as inspired me to create something similar for 85ideas. You get all the feature you would expect, services section, portfolio and so on.

Onetone is a free wordpress one-page responsive business theme, all the information on one page The basic sections designed for business purpose have already been built for you. There’s also an extensive admin panel where unlimited sections can be easily added.

Onetone is a beautiful one page WordPress theme based on HTML5/CSS3 from MAGEEWP. This is a creative and impressive theme loaded with features that you normally only find in premium WordPress themes. Onetone is a multipurpose theme so you can use it for a variaty of website types. It is modern, trendy and flexible. You can customize just about everything from your homepage, background video, gallery etc. Onetone features a responsive and adaptable design that makes the theme look just perfect on any devices from mobile phones, tables to desktop screens.

Onetone comes packed with awesome features and options such as extensive admin panel, background video, Font Awesome icons, built with HTML5+CSS3, upload logo and favicon, various social icons, translation ready plus much more. Onetone is a beautiful and amazing free WordPress theme. If you looking for a creative and unique theme, then Onetone is just the perfect theme for you.

The OneTone theme is part of a newer style of one page themes. Great if you have a small site, or personal blog, or portfolio business. There are six parallax style sections which you can put pretty much any information you want. This site is great for photographers because of a built in gallery section. I currently use this theme for my personal blog. As of 12-1 I have changed this theme to the MH Magazine Lite theme which is a more powerful theme dedicated to the magazine style them I wanted for the new GchanMako report.

The theme is from a theme building company that makes both free and premium themes. There is not really any information on where they are. The support is fairly good and the theme is not to hard to configure.

I really like this theme, the front video section makes it stand out and it is graphically beautiful. Once you get past the navigation you can setup a pretty comprehensive site.

The support is fairly good and I have emailed the theme developer twice and got a good response. There are a few bugs that you should be aware of and there is some features that are still a little buggy. There are a few plugins you will need to add in order to make the gallery function a little better. It works great with standard set of plugins we use. I would suggest to learn this theme because you might use it on building a personal branding site.

As a personal update on the OneTone theme, I have since moved away from this theme to a more magazine style theme called MH Magazine Lite. Not that there was anything wrong with this theme I just felt like I needed a theme that was more suited to news and information. The OneTone theme is still an awesome theme and I am still in love with the unique design and front video capability.

Want to be concise? Onetone is an elegant one-page responsive business theme that will display all your content in one go. No more clicking to another page, so your prospective partners can spend more time reading your material.
OneTone is based on HTML5/CSS3, and all basic sections are already built-in so the theme is easy to customize, while the extensive admin panel allows you to add unlimited sections. For advanced customization, it also offers multiple options such as changing background, parallax scrolling background, video background, Font Awesome Icons, uploading logo and favicon, adding custom CSS and more. If you’ve got plenty of photos and images to feature, its classy gallery section will impress your viewers.

Onetone is another stunning theme that allows you to feature full-page videos on the front page. You also have the option of a parallax scrolling or video background.

This theme has basic options with nearly limitless possibilities in the theme options which makes this a truly remarkable theme for businesses and professionals – even for those who are real sticklers. It’s without a doubt, a gorgeous theme.

A one-page theme for WordPress with a minimal style that you can use it to showcase all the information about your business without the need of additional pages. The theme lets you take advantage of great customization freedom for your homepage, galleries, video, a fully responsive behavior and much more.

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