Best Free Wedding WordPress Themes for Wedding Events

Every grand wedding event comes from a true love story. In a specially romantic atmosphere, the wedding couples will spend the happiest and most unforgettable times in their lives. But before the wedding events, there are tons of trivial tasks the couple need to engage. Well, creating wedding websites or blogs is one of the most important tasks ahead of them. Of course, they needn’t create them personally. But you may think how to create pleasant and satisfied wedding websites or blogs?


General speaking, people are more willingly to select some best wedding WordPress themes that help create their romantic or elegant wedding websites or blogs of their dreams, nowadays. Whether you want wedding WordPress themes for personal weddings, wedding planners, other relevant wedding events or even just wedding portfolios, you should believe that best wedding WordPress themes will definitely not only save your times but also help your websites or blogs to be the icings on the cake!

Sharing with you some best free wedding WordPress themes. All these well-selected wedding themes are all meticulously created by their designers, and some of them are free WordPress themes. Though the numbers of the themes are limited now, their features and functions are endless. Each of them is specially tailored to different styles and requirements and selected from hundreds of best WordPress themes due to its unique features and design. Most importantly, we update regularly and our support always will be alert to your need!

Best Wordpress Theme for Wedding Planners - Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner is a top-notch and fully responsive wedding WordPress theme with a modern, one or multiple pages, sleek and exquisite design. It’s the wedding theme mainly for wedding planners or matchmaking agencies. In fact, its’ one of the most exquisite wedding themes with awesome features I’ve ever met.

best-wedding-wordpress-themes-Wedding Planner

Well, whether you websites are one page WordPress theme or multiple page ones, you websites would come out on the top based on Wedding Planner.

1) Detailed-oriented and packed with premium plugins

To start with, Wedding Planner is an SEO optimized and one-click install theme. Though you are the planners with limited knowledge about website building, you can operate it in a quick and effective way. Its premium page builder plugin Virtual Composer enables you highly customize every element of your page layouts. Moreover, you could create anything based on its versatile pre-set options. In Wedding Planner, there are 8 homepage and 13 inner page pre-made options. And every one of them is different style and tailors to different requirements. You can change the styles regularly according to your needs by just one-click install.

2)  End-users pleasant experiencing

Next, as one of the best wedding wordpress themes, Wedding Planner is a completely end-users pleasant experiencing theme. When you get to know more about it, you would find it’s not only an eye-pleasant theme with the exquisite look but also a theme with powerful features. In instance, you can send out an email to explain to your clients what has been updated by linking up to email subscription form like MailChimp. Of course, if you want to be more considerate, you can add a Google Map to show detail address to your attendees. Well, you can learn the installation process from its video, if you are getting trapped during your creation.

Finally, you could make good use of its Woocommerce feature. Apart from proving your client that you are the best wedding planners with rich experience, you can sell bridal gowns and accessories to them, too. In addition, Wedding Planner is a fully responsive theme which has been carefully tested. It always displays your best light of wedding events on any device based on its Slide Revolution plugin. With retina and translation ready features, you can create any virtual effects to offer a feast of eyes to your clients.

More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Wedding Planner.

Key Features:

  • Exquisite& Mufti-concept & Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized
  • Custom Page Templates & Post Types
  • Premium Plugins: Virtual Composer & Slider Revolution
  • Count Down & Up Timer
  • One & Multiple Page Design
  • Rich Pre-set Options
  • One-click Install
  • Woocommerce& Retina & Translation Ready
  • Customizer Support

WordPress Theme for Wedding Planners - Love Story

As a romantic and elegant wedding WordPress themes, Love Story is one of the best free wedding themes for wedding planners, wedding planning agencies, wedding vendors, and wedding event planning companies. Since wedding itself is a very romantic and sweet event, it witnesses newlyweds’ love and helps them go forward hand in hand being no afraid of difficulties and dangers. Well, that is what Love Story exactly expresses. As a romantic and elegant wedding WordPress theme, when you take a glance at Love Story, you will have the feeling of getting married even though you are not actually. Why? Love Story decorates with every wedding elements such as spotless white wedding dresses, wedding candles, wedding bouquets, wedding cups, wedding cakes, wedding rings, etc. That’s what wedding planners want their websites can bring to their guests when they happen to enter their websites.


1) Detailed-oriented and packed with premium plugins

As a romantic and elegant wedding WordPress theme, Love Story attaches extremely importance to every detail, which shows that you, as a wedding planner or vendor, want to express your special regards with every couple and are worthy of being trusting. Since Love Story is compatible with Virtual Composer and Essential Grid plugins, you can easily create your dream pages and select any layouts to showcase your extensive wedding planning experience without beating any code. Thus with the best wedding WordPress theme, you can completely customize your website pages with ease for you just need to drag and drop what you want on the pages.

Moreover, Love Story is packed with Swiper Slider and Revolution Slide plugins, which allow you to showcase your awesome wedding galleries and posts to your potential clients. Your crafted wedding photos or well-organized events in the past prove that you are indeed a creative and worthy of trusting wedding planners with rich wedding planning experiences.

2) Multipurpose and practical features

However, as wedding planners, you may also want to showcase your wedding gifts like wedding banquets, wedding dresses, wedding cakes, etc. Thanks to Love Story inserts with Woocommerce, you can monetize your websites other than attracting traffic. In the end, you will find Love Story is a multipurpose wedding WordPress theme, since it can be applied to not only wedding planners but also other events such as meetings, parties, birthdays, etc. Due to its super responsive, this theme will always work perfectly on any devices. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Love Story.

In a word, Love Story is one of the best free wedding WordPress themes which truly deserve to try!

Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Virtual Composer & Essential Grid Plugins
  • One-Click Demo Install
  • Swiper Slider & Revolution Slide Plugins
  • Woocommerce Ready
  • Cross-Browsers
  • Multipurpose
  • Romantic, Flexible, Customizable
  • Support Guaranteed

WordPress Theme for Intimate Wedding - Wedding

Wedding is a clean and elegant wedding WordPress theme for intimate wedding events.

1) Clean and elegant design

Since it’s created for minimalists, you will find such a clean and one-page wedding WordPress theme will help your guests put emphases on your wedding galleries and events. For example, the Countdown Timer shows the remaining time and the Main Ceremony or Wedding Party shows the specific time and location. Thus, you won’t doubt whether your guests know all the wedding details or not.

2) Help focus on the main tasks and save time

Furthermore, a best and elegant wedding WordPress theme will also help you focus your attention on the main tasks with its easy-to-use features. It’s well known that wedding is a grand and complex event thus there are always a great number of trivial tasks that consume your time and drain your energy. In spite of this, you still want to create your unique websites personally with your limit time and energy. In this case, you should not miss Wedding.


3) Possess of basic but practical features and widgets

Even though Wedding is a minimal WordPress theme, it has all the basic but practical features.

Firstly, with its Featured Image option, Wedding allows you to share your love and sweetness by uploading your beautiful wedding photos above the post title on the blog index and any pages. Secondly, wedding enables you to customize your page layouts, contents, and sidebars. You can choose Posts Format or Sticky Posts let alone audios, gallery, images, and video post formats. If you use the width layout, you can customize your page backgrounds. As for the templates, however, you can select your favorite one from the four. Thirdly, Wedding is packed with some warm and useful widgets which allows you to customize your menus or widget areas. Finally, Wedding is a fully responsive wedding WordPress theme which guarantees your wedding websites always present a perfect ultimate look on any devices. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Wedding.

In brief, if you want an elegant WordPress theme for a small wedding, then Wedding is the best choice for you.

Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Minimal Design
  • Featured Image Option
  • Customize Page Layouts, Contents, Backgrounds and Sidebars
  • Posts Format or Sticky Posts
  • Four Wedding Templates
  • Warn & Useful Widgets

WordPress Theme for Intimate Wedding- Honeymoon

Honeymoon is an extremely exquisite and highly customizable wedding WordPress theme for the intimate wedding. It’s packed with a great number of plugins which allow you highly customize every detail of your pages. In other words, Honeymoon enables you to be a totally creative designer who completely creates your uniquely stunning wedding website personally.


1) Highly customization

Like many other wedding WordPress themes, Honeymoon includes RSVP Form, Countdown Timer, Guestbook, even Event Calendar, Wedding Event, etc. Of course, it’s also beautifully compatible with Woocommerce. You can add this option if you want to sell your wedding gifts after your wedding events. What makes Honeymoon stands out from thousands of wedding WordPress themes is the way how these elements display or design. Why? Countdown Timer is not just a timer. You can try hundreds of ways to design its form with Honeymoon’s 400+ fonts and unlimited colors.

2) Premium plugins and features empower every perfect element

Moreover, with the drag-and-drop page editor based on Virtual Composer, you just need to drag and drop or select from its endless layouts, unlimited styles, great typography, awesome backgrounds and different background colors to design every part of your pages. Thanks to all these plugins and features, which help your great masterpiece is just the icing on the cake. Therefore, you will find your guests fascinate even a small flower or icon set on your websites and they will surprise your aesthetic and harmonious appreciation.

3) Detailed-oriented

Even though Honeymoon is an exquisite wedding WordPress theme, which is packed with a lot of premium plugins and widgets, it performs at a high speed and loads quickly. And it’s a super responsive wedding WordPress theme guaranteeing the ultimate look of its perfect details on any devices. Finally, sharing with you one more exceptional feature which helps you obsess Honeymoon more. You may notice its awesome fullscreen backgrounds on home or other pages. You can create that effects with Honeymoon Slider Revolution option. Some detailed features such as the sidebars, menus, headers, or footers, you will find video tutorials about these details are available! More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Honeymoon.

In brief, whether you want an exquisite but highly customize wedding theme to showcase your vintage wedding photos or unique & fashion wedding galleries, you shouldn’t miss Honeymoon.

Key Features:

  • Virtual Composer- the Drag and Drop Page Editor
  • Slider Revolution Option
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • CSS Animations
  • Rich Plugins
  • Premium Widgets
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Exquisite Design
  • Support WooCommerce
  • RSVP Form,
  • Countdown Timer
  • Guestbook
  • Wedding Event
  • Wedding Galleries, Posts

Best Wedding WordPress Themes - X

X is a completely multipurpose and multifunctional WordPress themes not just for wedding events.

Actually, X is created for at least 14 situations not just for the wedding events only. So please enter the wedding demo near the button of its page to see its wedding theme effects if you want. When you enter its clean and elegant interface, you may think such an elegant wedding page is not your favorite one. If this happens, don’t worry since X is a multipurpose WordPress theme! With its rich premium plugins and awesome features, you can create your favorites personally. In other words, X guarantees you to create a stunning website of your dream and will be the theme which is worthy of trying!


1) Premium plugins Virtual Composer help you customize unique pages

However, you may think such a multipurpose wedding WordPress must relate to professional tech savvy. In fact, in X, even though you are the beginners, you can operate it with ease since X is packed with premium plugins which help you keep away from those complex and tiresome codes. Thus, whether you are coding gurus or just a beginner who starts from scratch, Virtual Composer will definitely help you save an amount of time. With its Drag and Drop Website Editor, all you need to do is just drag and drop the content elements around the page to create the layouts of your dreams without beating any code.

2) Essential Grid and Layer Slide display layouts and contents

Moreover, you can make good use of the Essential Grid to design the content layouts you want. When you finish your masterpiece, you can add your custom grids to all your pages with just one button click. However, X is a wedding WordPress theme for wedding websites. You surely want to show your beautiful wedding photos and interesting videos, then the plugin LayerSlide and the latest CSS certainly are good choices for you. Further, X is a fully responsive and Retina ready wedding WordPress theme, and it helps to display your photos and videos in a creative and vivid way which surprises you and your guests.

3) Multiple features empower stunning wedding websites or blogs

As a wedding WordPress theme, X not only includes some basic but also adds some practical modules such as RSVP Form, Invitations and News Updates, Countdown Timer, Gift registry, Our Story, Virtual Guestbook, etc. Hence, you can meticulously select and design your pages, which not only suits your aesthetic appreciation but also conveys detailed information to your guests. What’s more, if you want to sell your wedding gifts, you can make good use of Woocommerce. Anyway, as one of the best free wedding WordPress theme, X certainly is compatible with Woocommerce. Thus, selling wedding ring, wedding gifts, wedding shoes or wedding cards must be funny and meaningful. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit X.

In brief, don’t be frightened by its features but take advantages of it, and all these good features will make your websites to be the icing on the cake!

Key Features:

  • Multipurpose Design
  • Retina Ready
  • Free & Premium Plugins: Virtual Composer, Essential Grid, LayerSlide, etc.
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Professional Templates
  • Seo-friendly
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Support WooCommerce
  • Invitations & News Updates
  • Countdown Timer
  • Gift Registry
  • Virtual Guestbook
  • RSVPForm

Clean WordPress Theme for Small Wedding - Neeqah

Neeqah is a simple and clean wedding WordPress theme with the feature of fully responsive and SEO optimized. As a one page WordPress theme, Neeqah is in fast-loading and content-focused design.


Since it’s powered by ReduxFramework, you can highly customize your page layouts with skill and ease. Moreover, there are 5 custom post types, 9 additional page templates, and 9 custom widgets come along with Neeqah. Hence, creating a clean and beautiful website according to your aesthetic appreciation is so amazing and meaningful. Furthermore, you can combine all features with practical patterns like AJAX RSVP form, Wedding events, Accommodations, Guestbook. Well, an aesthetic and practical website for a small wedding is a mere trifle!

As for its gallery, well, you can create homepage slideshow or Full-Width homepage effects based on its lightbox. In addition, if you want this website is truly yours, you can customize logo or favicon. Finally, Neeqah is a theme with the features of Localized Translations, RTL support, Google Analytics integration and a lot of useful shortcodes. No wonder it’s one of the best wedding WordPress themes favored by most users. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Neeqah.

Key Features:

  • Clean & Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized
  • Custom Page Templates & Post Types
  • Premium Plugins
  • Count Down & Up Timer
  • AJAX RSVP Form
  • Wedding Events
  • Guestbook
  • Filterable Gallery

Best Wedding WordPress Themes - Onelove

Onelove is an ultimate and multipurpose wedding WordPress theme just for wedding events. In other words, it’s the most deluxe and multipurpose one in all of the wedding WordPress themes.

Don’t be intimidated when you find Onelove includes 14 layout demos for all kinds of wedding event situations. Therefore, whether personal wedding themes or the themes for wedding planners or everything related to wedding events like wedding announcement or anniversary, Onelove tailors at least one theme for you. More excitingly, Onelove doesn’t just design one style wedding WordPress themes only, and more. In other words, Onelove can be elegant and clean or exquisite and complex themes. If you are minimalists, you definitely like a clean and elegant wedding WordPress themes. Yes! Onelove create more than one clean themes for you, and vice versa.

1) Romantic or elegant or sweet elements design

Well, in terms of its whole style, Onelove is an extremely romantic and elegant and sweet wedding WordPress theme with exquisite designs. With its dominant pink color, sweet smiles, beautiful wedding pictures, and bouquets, you may feel its sweet and romantic atmosphere seems to overflow the screen like the sweetness of lovers. In fact, every smallest part of Onelove reflects that the couples’ happiness and sweetness.


2) Dozens of premium plugins and widgets

Well, it’s time to share the reasons why Onelove is so powerful and multipurpose. Firstly, Onelove is packed with dozens of premium plugins and widgets. Thanks to these plugins and widgets, you can create your stunning wedding websites or blogs with ease. For example, the Drag and drop page editor based on Virtual Composer helps build your unique pages without beating any code. That’s to say, with it, you needn’t be a tech savvy who have rich experience with website or blog buildings. Also, with the Revolution Slider plugin, you are able to play your awesome wedding photos in a vivid way to your guests. Other plugins and widgets functions may be different but their intentions are the same, which helps you to create the website of your dream in a more easy and quick way.

3) Diversified options design

Apart from its premium plugins and widgets, Onelove as one of the best wedding WordPress themes, its diversified layouts, homepages, backgrounds, slideshows, video sliders, sidebars, etc, definitely obsesses you more let alone its super fully responsive and retina ready features. That’s why this flexible and lovely wedding WordPress theme can win the hearts of most clients. Moreover, you are surely impressed by its 21 wonderful demo homepages. And layouts admin panels, of course, you can select the ones you think will help your websites or blogs stand out from thousands of others. Then you may consider its details. Well, don’t worry! Onelove includes hundreds of fonts and colors, which completely guarantees your every detail creations.

4) Detail-oriented design

Further still, like many other wedding WordPress themes, Onelove includes the basic elements and parts. However, Onelove is much better than the common wedding WordPress themes about the practical elements and parts. In other words, Onelove is a detail-oriented wedding WordPress theme. It includes the customizing RSVP form, video of the wedding announcement, galleries of bridesmaids and groomsmen, our story part, and our journey, etc. Well, what impressed you the most must be bound to be the exciting occasions design option. Well, we all know that the most touching thing is not only the wedding moment but also all the moments that remind the couples that they are a couple now and should feel grateful and cherish their love. That’s why wedding anniversaries are necessary for couples.

5) Practical features

Finally, Onelove is compatible with the eCommerce Shop which means that you can build an online store to sell wedding rings, clothes, and decorations, etc. Since the wedding is a grand event, there must be a large number of beautiful galleries. Onelove offers unlimited portfolios and galleries options with interesting inner page layouts. It must be fun to see comments about these photos. In brief, as a super flexible wedding WordPress themes, you surely will fascinate not by these features, and more. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Onelove.

In brief, whether you want or going to plan a garden wedding, outdoor wedding, winter wedding, or vintage wedding, etc, you can highly customize it personally with ease.

Key Features:

  • Multipurpose Design
  • Diversified Style Design
  • Super Flexible & Customize
  • Easy-to-use & No Code Required
  • Full Responsive Design
  • Premium Plugins & Widgets
  • Detail- Oriented Design
  • One-click Demo Import
  • ECommerce Ready
  • Unlimited Portfolios &Galleries
  • Customize Headers &Footers
  • Background Parallax
  • Video & Galleries
  • Support &Update

Clean WordPress Theme for Small Wedding - Qaween

Qaween is a simple and elegant wedding WordPress theme with the feature of high customization. Thought it’s a one page WordPress theme, Qaween is a theme that it’s fully responsive and content-focused.


Based on its page builder plugin Virtual Composer, Qaween enables you to highly customize your page layouts which truly reflect your personality and unique wedding. Most importantly, with its 5 custom post types and page templates, all you need to do, in Qaween, is selecting then customizing every element with skill and ease. Even though you are the people from scratch, you can operate this theme with ease.

Moreover, Qaween is an elegant theme which is detailed-oriented and content-focused. At first glance, you would find its large open space and delicate elements. Well, you can highly customize your content with your crafted images and detail information. In Qaween, there are unlimited colors, over 500 Google Fonts, premium plugins and widgets at your disposal. It would be awesome to create dazzling slideshows at your websites or blogs based on its Slider Revolution plugin. Furthermore, by mixing practical patterns with its features and creative concepts, you can create an elegant and practical WordPress theme. For example, the Count Down and Count Up Timer helps to remind not only the time before getting married but also the time after the wedding. A super considerate and romantic design!

Well, there is one more thing about this best wedding theme sharing with you. Its name of “Qaween” derives from the Indonesian word “kawin” which means getting married. Can’t love this name more! More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Qaween.

Key Features:

  • Clean & Elegant & Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized
  • Custom Page Templates & Post Types
  • Premium Plugins: Virtual Composer & Slider Revolution
  • Count Down & Up Timer
  • AJAX RSVP Form
  • Wedding Events
  • Guestbook
  • Filterable Gallery
  • Customizer Support

Thanks for visiting MageeWP WordPress themes. We hope this introduction of the best wedding WordPress themes can be a reference for you to build you wedding website or blog. And we hope you continue to have access to our blog as well as provide support. Many thanks.

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