BlogVault – A Blessing to the Blogger Community

The world has forayed into a digital era where people are communicating with each other digitally. Blogs are one such source of digital communication, and the WordPress platform is preferred by many to host their own blogs. But if advancement in technology and the digital age are a boon to the world, a few cons are a part of this package too. One such con is the crashing of your site – the site that you built by burning the midnight oil. With no backup in hand, your heart would sink even at the thought of having to start all over again. But with ‘BlogVault’ by your side, there’s no need to worry about losing all your work, for BlogVault does not only take periodical backups of your work, it also provides an overall security to all your hard work.

Let’s take a deeper look at BlogVault!

BlogVault – the only plugin with a vision to provide the safest, fastest and best way to backup your entire WordPress website – is easy to understand and simple to use. All it requires is a manual or automatic installation to your WordPress website and then shoulders the responsibilities of backing up and protecting your site.

After its initial installation, BlogVault creates an entire backup of your work, and from thereon, it schedules itself to take backup after every 24 hours. Also, if any major change is made, it takes that too into account. The biggest advantage of using BlogVault is that it does not require any kind of technical knowledge to operate it.

Migration through BlogVault

One of the features of BlogVault that impressed me the most was the ‘Migrate-Site’ feature. When you feel the need to change your website’s URL, or when you want to simply copy the template of an existing website to a new location in order to develop an entirely new website, that’s when the Migrate-Site feature comes in handy. This feature is a blessing when it comes to changing your site’s host. Using it, you can move your website from one host to another without the hassle of the lengthy downloading and uploading processes.

This feature is quite easy and hassle-free to perform. Under the prerequisite of this feature, a user needs to provide the BlogVault plugin with the details of the transfer and the remaining work is done by the feature itself, in a few simple steps.

Some Other Features at a Glance


The BlogVault plugin maintains a record of all recent backups. In case a user wants to revert back to a specific backup taken on some earlier date, he can easily do so with the help of the history feature. This feature also keeps track of some additional information like the number of posts, pages and plugins present on the website.


In case you want to authenticate the content of the website before it goes live, try the Test-Restore feature offered by BlogVault. It lets you validate a temporarily restored backup version before going live with it.


If, God forbid, your website crashes, the Auto-Restore feature of BlogVault automatically restores a specific backup version of your site.

Backup Now

Let’s say that you’ve incorporated certain major changes in your website and are eager to backup your website; you don’t want to wait for the scheduled backup process. In such a case, all you need to do is hit the ‘Backup Now’ button and force start the backup process as and when your changes are made.

Download Backup

The Download Backup option allows you to download a copy of your website backup and store it in either your hard drive or any other storage device. This option ensures an added security to your website backup.

Delightfully BlogVault

Here are some additional features offered by BlogVault that are sure to delight you.

Incremental Backup

With its Incremental Backup feature, BlogVault offers its user a smart way to generate backups. After the successful installation, it generates an entire website backup initially. Once this is done, it starts taking backups every 24 hours. This is the scheduled backup feature of BlogVault. The highlight of this feature is that BlogVault takes backup of only those portions and content that have been recently added to the website. It also takes into account the major changes and/or alteration made to the website recently.


The history page of the BlogVault plugin displays the 30 most recent backup versions. In case the user wishes to revert back to a specific backup taken in history, he can do so with a single click of his mouse, following certain simple and quick steps. Along with the 30 recent backup versions, the history page also provides the user with details regarding the WordPress version, current theme, number of pages, posts, table, files and comments that are currently there on the website.


You can completely rely on BlogVault when it comes to the protection and security of your website data. Not only does it store multiple copies of your website backup on its local servers, it also stores a copy of your website backup on the servers of Amazon S3. In case you’re still skeptical about the security of your backup files, then BlogVault has another amazing feature to offer - it lets you upload all your backup versions directly to your Dropbox account. The security of your website’s content is BlogVault’s top priority.

Technical Support

If you ever come across a situation wherein you find yourself struggling with any feature of BlogVault, or if you are unable to fathom certain aspects of the BlogVault’s dashboard, then in such circumstances, you can easily contact the support staff at BlogVault. You can do so either through the chat option, which is available on your dashboard, or you can shoot your query through an email to the support staff. You can surely expect a prompt and helpful response from the BlogVault’s support staff.

Pricing Details

BlogVault offers several plans to choose from; you can select one that best suits your needs and requirements. Take a look below at the various pricing options available:

You can choose an appropriate plan from among those mentioned above, which, frankly, are available at dirt-cheap prices.

Today, as blogging has become a source of living to many, BlogVault is the need of the hour. It offers security in the form of backup at a reasonable price. BlogVault also does not require any kind of technical knowledge, be it the knowledge of computer science or that of coding. BlogVault offers a technical knowledge proof, easy-to-understand and user-friendly dashboard, which takes care of the efforts put in by the blogger. Although using BlogVault is not rocket science, a user might still get stuck sometimes between a rock and a hard place while using its features. But don’t you forget that BlogVault’s support staff is just a chat or email away.

The USP of BlogVault, which makes it unique among others of its kind, is the fact that its restoration process is completely automated and does not require a person gazing at the screen every time it generates a backup. Also, the services of BlogVault can be used irrespective of the webhost you have chosen for your WordPress site. Overall, BlogVault is a simple-to-use, highly secure and cost-effective plugin that you can bestow upon your website.

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